Grounded in Grace, Growing in Mission, Giving to Serve

Hi Dear one's in Christ Jesus,
Today the Feast of the "All Saints" which is celebrated all over the globe,

Who are Saints? why do we celebrate the Feast?

Saints are mere Sinners, mere humans, who had sinned just like us,
BUT the Difference is there Faith, Humbleness, their Trust in god,
to seek him with all there heart, dispiecing the world & themselves.

In this High Speed Generation, there is little time for god,
we run so hard, so hard to come first, only to realize we have to start the next one,
For the Joy of the world is not Eternal,

True peace & Joy comes only from christ. which is given to who devoutly seek him.

Every Saint started a life just the way you and i started, the BIG Difference is they paused and taught what Life is worth to be Lived for.

Let us learn, look at the foot steps of the Saints, to Love one another, with the smallest attempt,
to love our neighbor, and to spread the Love of Christ.


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