The Story of Ruth (1960) Biblical Movie Watch Fully

The Story of Ruth
The Story of Ruth
The Story of Ruth is a 1960 American[2] biblical-epic film directed by Henry Koster based on the biblical Book of Ruth and filmed in CinemaScope. The title role is portrayed by Israeli-Jewish actress Elana Eden in her film debut, co-starring Stuart Whitman as Boaz, Tom Tryon as Mahlon, Peggy Wood as Naomi, Viveca Lindfors as Eleilat, and Jeff Morrow as Tob.

Plot: The first part of the film revolves around Ruth, a pagan idolatress who serves as the spiritual teacher of a young Moabitess girl Tebah who is being prepared to be sacrificed to Chemosh, a Moabite deity. High-priestess Eleilat, along with Ruth, orders Mahlon, a Judean artisan, to brush the Tebah's ritual crown. As Mahlon delivers the crown to Ruth at the temple, he denounces her god Chemosh explaining its nonexistence. This fictional non-Biblical part ends with the site of the Moabite girl being sacrificed, and a frightened, astonished Ruth fleeing to Mahlon and Naomi's family. The result of this "dishonor" follows Mahlon prisoned along with Elimelech his father and Chilion his brother. Chilion and Elimelech die in the prison, while Mahlon's punishment is to perform slave work for the rest of his life. After an attempt by Ruth to help him flee from the slave site, causes his death. The Biblical storyline begins now as Naomi, Orpah, and Ruth have widowed. The second part is more based toward the Biblical account found in the Book of Ruth, a subplot is added, that of the Bethlehemites disapproval of Ruth's pagan past and Naomi's kinsman rejecting the refusal of Ruth's hand in marriage pleaded by Boaz. Does not own this Video, Its is hosted by Respective owners on YouTube. If any Copyright violation issue, Please Contact Respective video owners in YouTube. Administrator Email : ###

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